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FIE is required by its licensure to maintain several academic policies and other operational policies. This is to assure our students that the education we are providing to them is fair and ethical and of the highest quality.


Student does understand that in order to attend this course, he/she must first obtain his/her temporary commercial drivers permit (CDP).  


Student does understand that in order to attend this course, he/she must first obtain his/her medical card and temporary Commercial Drivers Permit.  The permit is done at your local license branch. It is advised that you go and pick up a CDL Testing System Commercial Driver License Manual that will help you learn what is on the test. Call them to find out what their process is as far as appointments for this written test. Very important to make sure to bring your permit to the course or you will not be able to attend.  

-- It is advised that you go and pick up a CDL Testing System Commercial Driver License Manual that will help you learn what is on the test. Call them to find out what their process is as far as appointments for this written test. Very important to make sure to bring your permit to the course or you will not be able to attend. Due to the limited materials that BMV gives, if possible bring your manual with you to the school to make sure you have one during the classes as we will go over everything in the manual.    

-- The medical card can be done at your local Dr. office or any DOT eligible testing site. . Just tell them you need your medical card for DOT. Both of these medical forms are available at these links if you are taking it to a family Dr.  or medical places such as these already have these forms. They need to be DOT medical forms.


FIE provides the 40 hours of class instruction along with 80 hours of behind the wheel instruction and observation. (180 hours for Kentucky permits)

The fees obtained provide the instructors, materials and supplies, vehicle in which to practice, and room and board for the entire 3-week course. The fee DOES NOT include the original CDP and DOT drug test and other personal necessities of the student.


1. Orientation



4.Air brakes

5.Doubles and triples


7.Log books

8.Hours of service (ELD)

9.Map reading

10.Trip planning

11.Dot regulations

12.Hazard perception

13.Night driving

14.Extreme driving conditions

15.Rail road crossing safety

16.Accident reports


1. Pre-trip inspection

2.Basic vehicle control

3.Straight line backing

4.Forward stop

5.90-degree alley dock

6. Backing

7. Right turns

8. Proper use of clutch and gears

9. Coupling/uncoupling


1.On road driving, Left turns, right turns, highway driving, urban driving, simulated upgrade, down grade, emergency stop-start, curves, stop and thru intersections

2.On-freeway and highway driving, entrance, exit and lane changes

3.Coupling and uncoupling


5.Air brakes

6.Traffic rules of the road

7.Combination vehicles

8.Railroad crossing and safety

9.Gross and axle weights

10.Real life driving skills

Students must pay for the entire course  via cash, credit card, check or proof of government grant/aid before enabling the spot to be reserved in the course.   Please talk with financial director to talk about any arrangements needed for funding the course.  We offer many different "specials" throughout the year to assist in the financial aspect of the course. 

What do you get for your paid tuition? All study materials, all usage of educational videos, the fee of final CDL test (3 tries),  use of student training semi-truck and trailer, use of school parking lot for practice, insurance while driving the truck and trailer with instructor and all skills instruction from the licensed CDL instructors.

To be accepted into FIE Truck Driving School, the following must have been acquired.

1. You are 21 years old to drive interstate.

2.You can speak, read, and write English well enough to do the job. 

  Please note that if there is a language barrier, we can not guarantee the student will pass the tests needed to obtain his/her CDL. We also are unable to slow the process so this student can “catch up” with the rest of the class- inside and outside. 

3.You have filled out the application for FIE truck driving School

4. You give us permission to obtain a background check for certain grants

5.  A permit from your state. 

6. A DOT drug test resulted.

7.Proof of payment to the school to hold your spot

If student is unable to pass the final test to obtain his/her CDL, we offer as part of original tuition, up to 10 hours of training. These 10 hours would include the pre-trip, backing, and basic rules of the interstate. If student still fails after 2nd try, FIE Trucking Driving School is not responsible to do any further instruction. We are not required to offer any refunds due to the inability of student to pass the final driving/pre-trip test.  We can not guarantee you will receive your CDL. 

The school’s resources are available for student’s use during the 3-week course. The practice vehicle, however, CAN NOT be used without a certified instructor with the student. The vehicle is available in the evenings to practice pre-trips when the instructor is not present.

 It is policy to assign work-study projects to be completed by the student during the evening hours while attending the course.

ALL TRAVEL EXPENSES AND ARRANGEMENTS TO AND FROM FIE TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL IS THE TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT.  If you drive your own vehicle, there will be ample parking and student is able to go back home on weekends, however, please be punctual about returning to class on following Monday.  FIE is also not responsible for any theft or damage to a vehicle while parked at the school.  

Student understands he/she is responsible for cleanliness, courteous, and respectfulness of other students, instructors, and school property- including motel rooms. 

Any student using foul language, is disruptive, defaces any class materials, graffiti, or cheating will be excused from class and asked not to return and no tuition will be refunded. 

There is absolutely no smoking inside any motel rooms or instruction rooms or inside of practice semi-truck. Smoking is allowed outside at least 25 feet from the school building. 

Alcohol and drugs are not allowed during this 3-week program. Intoxication or drug induced states will not be tolerated, and student will be dismissed from course immediately. 

Failure to abide by these regulations and policies of the school will result in dismissal from the course requiring immediate vacating of motel room and with no refund or rescheduling of course.

Attendance. The course has been allotted certain time frames for classroom instruction, studying, and practice driving. It is particularly important that each day the student be at the proper place in attendance ON TIME as required. FIE cannot promise to make up of certain courses due to non-attendance. We will do all we can if student is sick during any days during the course but must be made up somehow to get the mandatory hours in required by DOT training rules. 

We start every day in the classroom at 8:00 a.m. EST promptly. If later than 15 minutes, we cannot accommodate make-up of the parts missed and student will be obligated to sign a “no-show” form which will be part of your record here at FIE Trucking Driving School. 

Breakfast is not usually provided, however, most of the time there will be coffee and maybe some kind of pastry available (not required of school). Lunches are from 12:00 –12:30 (depending on how many students and cooperation of students- we can do an "eat in lunch" during the videos to help with time.  There are several outside places around the school are available for a meal, a couple of grocery outlets are available and on occasions the “restaurant” in the motel might offer meals (meals and days vary). Student knows to be able to provide enough food for himself/herself during these 3 weeks. Food and drinks are allowed in the classroom during class hours if it does not affect the instructor’s ability to teach.

There is no texting or phone calls allowed during class or driving instruction. We ask that phones be silenced and if abused, we will ask for student to keep cell phone in the motel room provided or their vehicle.

No class can be taped. There are plenty of opportunities during the course to review the material provided.

Most of the time, there will be 2 students per motel room. Student does understand that the rooms are small and will have to be courteous of other student’s needs. There is a refrigerator and small microwave in each room for students use, however, this is to be understood that 2 people must share the space

If personalities should clash between students, FIE will attempt to change the students with another room, however, is not obligated to do such. It is a temporary situation and students should come to school with positive attitude of learning and sharing.

There are only 2 students allowed per room. There is not allowed ANY other persons allowed in the motel rooms at any time of the day or night. This is strictly enforced and will be reason for dismissal from program with no refunds.

During the driving phase of the course, it is the instructor’s decision as to which student will drive when and where.  Under some weather conditions, it is the instructors decision whether or not it will be safe to have a student drive on the highways.  Occasionally, classes will have to be cancelled due to weather.  We will offer extra time to make up for any classes missed during bad weather.  It is also required of a student to sign a waiver that it is his/her choice to be out in the weather vs classroom so as to avoid any falling or injury.  

 Student must bring his CDP with him whenever in the truck.

“Friends” are not allowed to accompany student during driving training. Student understands that during “down time” of instructor driving with another student, student will use this time wisely to his/her benefit to study material gone through for the day, practice the pre-trip (as this is extremely important part of the final test- pass or fail). Students are paying for this time, using it wisely just makes sense.

Student authorizes FIE school to give potential employers and authorized governmental authorities access to the student’s records upon request. Student authorizes any pictures or videos taken during classroom and driving instruction to be used in a manner of only advertising for FIE Truck Driving School and will be notified if used as such.

Student agrees to take part in “rating and reviews” at random times during the course for us to better serve the students. Any comments are welcomed so we can always be improving our course. Even after student has obtained the final CDL, we welcome any comments, criticisms, and advice as to what we can do to improve our course to further the education of students.

FIE Truck Driving School is not responsible for any future driving performance of students enrolled in this program. 

This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the school and student, and any verbal assurances and promises not contained herein are not binding on the school or the student.

I acknowledge that I have received and agreed to and understand the terms and conditions of the student contract form. I agree to abide by the above conditions and guidelines. I realize that violations of these policies are grounds for dismissal from the course.

A copy of this contract is given to each student to confirm he/she has read these policies and understand them.  Contract will remain in student's permanent file.   

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