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FIE is a hands-on truck driving school. We are dedicated to preparing individuals for a career in truck driving to meet the fast-growing need for qualified professional truck drivers. There is no better time to have a career in truck driving. Not only is the demand high, but the benefits are great. If you are interested in a career in the Truck Driving Industry, and you’ve met all CDL training requirements, congratulations! You’re considering a career in a growing profession with great pay and incredible work-life benefits.

Excellent Pay

We want to have realistic figures to help you understand. When in training at your first job, depending on if local driving or over the road, you will make between $350 and $1000 per week. After a driver is fully trained by one of our sponsoring companies, the rate of pay would be between $750 and $1500 per week depending on if you are running over the road or local.

As an owner operator, depending on the expenses of owning the truck, you could gross $4500 as a solo driver. Running as a team, you could gross $10,000 - $12,000 a week before all the expenses of owning the truck. Realistically, on an average, owning your own truck, driving over the road solo- you would take home $1200. And as a team- you would take home $1500-$3500 a week.

Job Security

Job security is a significant factor in choosing a career. There is currently a shortage of nearly Truck Drivers, so the demand continues to rise over the next few years. That means you are needed and means higher pay than many other jobs.

With a career in truck driving, demand is high. The job of a truck driver cannot be outsourced. That means no foreign company can do what they do. Not only that, but truck drivers also haul what America needs, the very essentials that keep the country running. Things like food, medical supplies, fuel, and more. Even during the pandemic, truck drivers still work to ensure we have everything for families to live.

Insurance Benefits and 401K

Insurance Benefits

Insurance is very essential for any career. With a career in truck driving, you get options. Medical and dental insurance are standard perks in the truck driving industry. And there are options for life insurance as well – at competitive rates.

401K Retirement Savings Plans

Why not save for your retirement while you travel the United States? In the past, many jobs offered a pension. Starting in the 80s, most jobs transitioned to a 401K plan. This is a way of ensuring that you have money to live on when it’s time to relax and enjoy your retirement.

Team Truck Driving

Team truck driving allows couples and friends to drive in shifts and earn more money. In doing so, your team is able to accept longer drives. You can drive more hours as a partner, since switching spots is all it takes to stay on the road. 

See America

One of the best things about being a professional truck driver is getting to see the United States like no one else. You can take extra time to visit the Grand Canyon or see what it’s like in Times Square. You’ll see the beauty of America’s landscape right from your window as you travel from coast to coast.

No one wants to be stuck in an office cubicle or tied down to a boss who is always telling you what to do? If you’re an owner-operator, you are the boss. Even if you're not an owner-operator, while you’re on the open road, it’s up to you to decide when to eat, what to listen to on the radio, or when you can take a break.

Take your Pet

To many, pets are part of the family. A career in truck driving means that you can bring your pet as a travel companion. This benefit depends on the carrier you choose, but many allow you to bring your furry friend along for the ride.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Being on the road certainly has its perks and having the top equipment makes a huge difference. Most of today's trucks include innovative technology:

  • Driver apps
  • Leading-edge telematics device
  • 24hr maintenance assistance
  • Collision mitigation technology
  • Trailer tracking
  • Truck navigation system 
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