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You will most likely be sharing a room with another student.   The rooms are adequate, but on the small side.  


  • There is a laundry service lady who can accommodate doing your laundry for you for a fee (depends on the amount of laundry)  and also the Pilot across the street also has coin operated laundry. 
  • There is a full truck stop (Pilot) across the street with a restaurant and a Loves truck stop on the other side of the expressway 
  • There is a family style restaurant across the street. 
  • There is a Dollar General walking distance to the school. 
  • There is a small food mart across the street walking distance to the school.
  • The rooms contain a small refrigerator along with small microwave for your use.  (again-emphasizing the word "small"- not meant for 5 course meals and you have to share the space with another student.)  We do not provide cooking utensils or tableware, so if you need to use anything like that- please bring your own. 
  • Please bring blocks and chords for your phone chargers.  Wifi is available, however, at this time there isn't any cable in our motel rooms so if you are wishing for TV in the evenings, please bring needed electronics.  
  • There is ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING in the motel or in the class rooms or in the semi truck.  Breaks will be provided through out the classroom hours and outside spaces available to smoke- but be courteous to others who do not wish to smoke. 
  • As far as amount of money to bring-- this is totally up to you as to what you are wanting to buy as far as food.  We CAN NOT purchase food for you to be reimbursed, so please bring enough money to accommodate you through the course. 
  • School will provide all necessary learning supplies ex: pens, paper, books, etc.  
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